Monday, December 14, 2009


This is a simple essay I did for an English class a while ago. I just want to share my interest in traveling.

Traveling is an incredible and unsurpassed method by which an individual can learn and gain experience. It is an effective way to experience new cultures, interesting people, and never before seen geographical features, otherwise known as God’s extraordinary creation. Traveling is compelling, and therefore adored by many. The act of being in a different place, surrounded by different people, cultures and landforms is intoxicating in itself. Although I have not travelled far from home, I have obtained a great deal of information concerning people and their cultures, and the geography that surrounds them from the areas I have visited. The experiences I have been carried through while traveling are unmatched in my eyes. This only makes me wonder what I am missing; it makes me wonder what I have yet to see in this world. These reasons, among countless others, define the intensity of my desire to see the world and what lies within its unforgiving and rewarding settings. However, if I were to pick a single location to which I would travel over any other, I would, without a doubt, pick Rwanda. Rwanda is a nation that lies in the eastern part of Central Africa. I would choose to travel to Rwanda so that I could learn more about the history of the nation, experience the cultures, geography and people, and help people in need.

First of all, I would choose to travel to Rwanda so that I could acquire knowledge concerning the history of the nation and its people. I have an immense interest in history, especially that of Rwanda. If I were to travel to this country to learn, my main focus would be the Rwandan Genocide of the summer of 1994, where almost one million human beings were killed due to irrelevant, untrue racial hatred that sparked between two historically relevant people “groups”: the Hutu and the Tutsi. Although a majority of each claims to be different than the other, they are completely the same; they just have different names. This topic catches my interest above all others. In order to broaden my knowledge concerning this, I would visit historical sites relevant to the subject and document first-hand accounts by talking with survivors and others who experienced the catastrophe. In doing so, I would fulfill an eagerly burning desire that I have to reach out to others and further understand what they went through, although an inconceivable disaster such as this could not possibly be comprehended by one unless they experienced the suffering first-hand.

Likewise, I would choose to travel to the great nation of Rwanda so that I could experience the cultures, the people, and the geographical features first-hand, and capture the essence of the overall beauty that the region has to offer. I absolutely adore experiencing new things, especially new cultures and surroundings. The culture of Rwanda is, of course, far from similar to the overall culture of America. This is what makes it so interesting. Anything different from what we are used to experiencing in our own lives is attractive, in a sense. New surroundings and cultures ignite curiosity in our minds. This is what makes travel so insanely gratifying to me. Learning new cultures and interacting with new and interesting people definitely contributes to developing a new and respectful admiration and understanding of this world we live in. Also, taking in the beauty of Rwanda’s geographical marvels, such as its innumerable, widespread hills, sheds light on the glory of God, which is revealed in His creation. The people of Rwanda, as a whole, are said to be among the friendliest on the face of this earth. All of these extremely beautiful descriptions of this place draw me closer and increase my desire to visit.

Lastly, I would choose to travel to Rwanda so that I can help people. Rwanda is stricken with widespread poverty, just as many other African nations. AIDS is also prevalent here. This region has been affected by war and conflict for many years. These all started with racial tensions between the Hutu and the Tutsi people. The Hutu extremists, which often includes the government army, hate the Tutsi. Back in the colonial era when the Belgians had control of the country, they put the Tutsi in control over the nation. The Hutu had accused them of stealing their land and abusing them, This is what sparked these lifelong racial tensions that overpower and haunt Rwanda today. Even though the genocide of 1994 is long over, there are still hatred groups in existence. All of these factors cause this nation to be in dire need of help. Although the government is stable, and the president is effective, the people continue to be plagued by the past and disease. Therefore, there is a need for help. Many organizations are centralized in this nation. This, over all, would have to be my main reason for wanting to travel to Rwanda. I love helping people more than anything, and this nation, among many others surrounding it, needs it.

In conclusion, these three reasons, which include learning the history of the nation, experiencing the culture, geography, and helping people, define my reasoning for wanting to travel to Rwanda. Rwanda is a beautiful country by description. It is tremendously attractive to those who love new things. The history of this nation is complex and interesting. It defines the country’s status today. The cultures throughout the region are beautiful and divergent. The people are kind overall, yet few are purely evil and full of hate. This contrast is incomprehensible. These qualities are what make Rwanda so amazing. These qualities are what fabricate my yearning to travel to Rwanda.

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  1. One of my good friends who now lives here in the Netherlands is from Rwanda. She had to leave her country because of the war and she was separated from her little brother during the in is tragic what happened but god has performed such miracles in her life and about two years ago she found out that her brother is still alive and lives in Washington DC now :)

    I would really like to travel to Israel someday...