Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Rooms of My Heart.

The world lies destitute, teeming with forces of evil and unforgiving oppression. We need something to ease the pain, something to grasp for contentment. Likewise, we need something to embrace us, to fill the overwhelming and bottomless void that consumes our lost souls. We need a presence to replenish and redeem us, to occupy the abhorred, garbage-filled rooms of our hearts. We need Jesus Christ. Our hearts have been destined to be the abodes of Christ; they have been formed with doors controlled only by us, His creation. He knocks eagerly, beckoning for us to give Him the joy of our fellowship. His desire is to reside in us and to lead us. First, however, we must let Him in with open arms, wholeheartedly motivated to give Him complete control of our souls and our earthly beings. Such a joy as this cannot and will never be rivaled by any force comprehendible by the finite human mind.

I invited Christ into my heart one evening. The joy of this redefinition of my existence wrought an overwhelming sensation upon my form; I was overcome by sporadic bursts of exultation at the constant unbelievable realization of my new life. I immediately felt His warm, comforting embrace; I felt His quenching presence in my being. I vowed to submit my life to Him upon that majestic display of His inconceivable capacity. I knew that such a vow required endless exertion, yet I looked ahead joyful, determined to strive for excellence through Him. Each room of my once empty heart requires remodeling. My mind is bound with the recognition that each area must be made perfect and hospitable, molded to His standards. To this day, I utilize myself, sacrificing the norms of society and pleasure, with the purpose of striving towards this goal. To this day, I seek the countenance of Christ, that His love may resound throughout the halls of my heart.

The Library

The library serves as the designated study area of my abode. Within its thick walls lie the inner workings of my mind: my creations and my thoughts. It is a room congested with books, which collectively house the thoughts conceived by my deplorable imagination. Pictures line the short walls, excreting an ardor of pessimism and woe. As I accompany Christ in His tour of this particular room, I never cease to doubt my stability of sanity. I am constantly reminded of my faults of mind and comprehension. My human nature often binds me with my authorization. I am embarrassed to allow my Savior to view such horrid remnants of my past; and I am humiliated as He views my wretched composition. In order to maintain my peace of mind, I must be willing to redefine my standards each day. I must be willing to refill my library with literature that brings honor to His name, literature that, when utilized, will yield blessings of eternal value. Every thought conceived in my mind must be held captive by the joy I seek in God.

The Dining Room

The dining room houses each of my desires; it is where I indulge in the necessities of survival: nutrition, or the lack thereof. It is the place where I quench my thirst and satisfy my desires. Unfortunately, many of the dishes presented in the dining room are of worldly origin and classification. Secular food is acceptable, as long as it remains neutral, as opposed to dissenting; secular food must be intertwined with an immense amount of food that supports my walk with God. I must indulge in spiritual food that only makes me hunger for more of God’s presence and love. This room, as well, reveals embarrassing aspects of my character that are in dire need of reformation and assistance.

The Living Room

The living room serves as my zone of comfort, my retreat from the sorrows and commotion of the world. This room has, by name, been set apart as a residence in which Christ and I can fellowship and grow closer together. When I take time to leave the hectic “necessities” of the world, this time with Christ proves to be an incredibly soothing and sensational experience. Unfortunately, however, I do not always set such time apart for this. I often lose focus of the goal and the necessities of Christianity, for it is more than a status: it is a relationship. I find myself straying away from Christ, and, as a result, the fruits of our fellowship wither. Despite my inconsistence, Christ remains faithful. He sits and waits for me to come in. Each time I throw my selfishness aside and see this, I am overcome by incessant tears. I must constantly realize the love He has for me; it does not wither as does mine. It is vital that I set my focus on Christ and immerse myself in the actions that reap favors of eternal value.

The Workroom

The workroom lies within my basement. It is the place where I apply my knowledge and imagination and create miscellaneous devices. My talents and skills are implemented in this room. The fruits of my being lie on the workbenches, strewn out for all to see. The sad thing is, my work reflects minuscule amounts of effort. It is quite humiliating for me as Christ views this. I should, according to Christ, work to my fullest ability to create products that further the Kingdom of Heaven. I must let Christ work through my hands, which are desolate in skill compared to His. I must let His spirit consume me so that I do not become discouraged. If I give my whole self to Christ’s embrace, His work and purpose will be effectively furthered.

The Recreation Room

The playroom is the area designated for friendly associations and jubilant gatherings. It often serves as my personal vault, in which I hide my unGodly affiliations. When Christ asks to accompany me on my escapades, I often leave Him at home, promising to spend time with Him later. Each time, I feel desperate and horrible. I rightfully feel as though I have attempted to run from God. Of course, this yields nothing of value; it only forces the degradation of my soul. This room constantly requires remodeling. I know the most fruitful of events will only come when I spend time with God. He must be ever present each time I embark on a mission, seeking enjoyment. As a result, He will transform my character gradually, and I will serve as a better witness for His name.

The Hall Closet

The hallway closet stands constantly enclosed, bearing secrets that only my being is aware of. The door remains closed, remote from the world’s reach. I protect its contents behind lock and key. Every once in a while, I will add or remove something from this dungeon. Unlike me, Christ refuses to forget this mystery that I so often strive to overlook. He refuses to leave the mess unattended, left alone only to build up and burst forth from my tongue. Its contents could ruin me and deprive me of my happiness if exposed. I am always in desperate need of a reformation and cleansing of this labyrinth. With its remnants dispersing an ardor of putrid wretchedness, Christ alters His path so that He can save Himself from such misery that would come upon viewing the closet’s contents. We constantly must collaborate in order to rid my heart of these atrocious aspects of my character. Hidden issues constantly eat at the soul and diminish the influence that I try to maintain for Christ. That is why it is so vital that these are addressed.

When I gave my entire being to Christ and devoted my life to Him, I tried to make myself a better example by embracing Christ’s character. He resided in my heart, but there was something missing: I had not allowed Him to take over; I had not handed Him the key. Only when this is done can Christ work in me.